Zephyr, Cadet, Capri

Production: 5,035 units
(3,535 to Canada, 1,500 to USA)

Engines:  -246ccm Hirth
-300ccm Hirth (14 H.P.)

66 Moto Ski  

- Slightly redesigned cowling incorporating grill pieces

- Front shackles dropped, now uses front sliding leaf spring

- 3 peg sliding driven clutch replaced with 5 peg (Cadet uses 3 peg)

- Handle grips changed from yellow to blue (Cadet uses yellow)

- JLO engines drop from lineup (to return in '68) said to be caused by a dispute over bad recoil starter quality

- Passenger grab handles added

- Body now ribbed for strength
under seat

- Cadet uses the '65 cowling and so is often mistaken for a '65 (Cadet often used previous year          parts)

- Front bumper now chromed instead of black painted

- First use of a keyed ignition switch (again except Cadet which retains the '65 headlight switch       mounted on the clutch guard and a kill button on the engine)

- Electric start becomes an option